Fibre Gel Natural Cover 30ml


One Phase cross Link Self Levelling Sculpting/Building Gel with perfect adhesion and high plasticity. Guarantees durability, prevents lifting and fractures. Colour: Pink (Cover).

UV – LED – CCFL gel system with added fibreglass particles for extra strength and durability. The special formula prevents lifting and breaking and its also suitable for nail extensions. The gel is ideal for reconstruction of broken nails. Base or Top gel is unnecessary when using this gel.

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  • Medium viscosity
  • Self leveling
  • High plasticity
  • Non lifting
  • One Phase
  • Does not run into cuticles
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to apply
  • Reduced heat sensation
  • Colours available: clear, white, pink, natural (cover pink)
  • Clear Gel – one phase self leveling gel, no base or no top needed
  • Natural Gel – perfect coverage warm pink colour for darker skin tones
  • Pink Gel – one phase self leveling gel, no base or no top needed
  • Pink Cover – coverage baby pink colour for lighter skin tones
  • White Gel specifically developed for thin application
  • Curing times: clear& pink colour – 90sec LED, 2min UV
  • Curing times: White & natural colour – 90sec LED, 3min UV

• Size – 30ml

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