Sculpting Gel Cover Pink 30ml


This exclusive Cover builder/sculpting gel have a solid texture that is not runny and very easy to work with, on the nails of any length and shape. Its a real time saver! This gel enables to sculpt 4 to 10 nails at a time, before putting them to cure in a UV/LED light. But in addition to that, it has a unique workability feature, which allows to easily equalize the surface and minimize the filing. Guaranteed faster application and exclusive professional results even on the most complicated shapes.






• Low exothermic reaction
• Excellent adhesion
• Complete coverage
• Strong
• Hypo allergenic
• Flexible
• Easy to apply
• Pinchable
• Non yellowing
• Acid free
• 30ml jar
• Curing times: 2min UV, 60sec LED

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