Portable Brushless Electric Nail File 35K RPM


Portable Brushless Electric Nail File is made from durable aluminium alloy material with UV surface treatment. It has high torque 35,000 RPM ultra smooth brushless motor; as well as quiet, light and vibration free hand piece. If offers variable speed control, forward/reverse switch, HD Display, play/pause control, as well as smart safety overload protection. It provides chargeable base for easy re-charge with convenient storage space for the nail drill bits. It has compact light weight portable design for easy transportation and acetone resistant exterior. It provides auto switching 110/220V and presented in a modern Silver/White colour.



• Durable Aluminium Alloy Material with UV Surface Treatment
• HD Display Rotary Speed & Battery Capacity
• High Torque 35,000 RPM
• Ultra Smooth Brushless motor
• Quiet and Vibration Free
• 8-10 Hours Battery Life after 3 Hours Full Charge
• Smart Play/Pause Control for easy use
• Variable Speed Control
• Forward/Reverse Switch
• Smart Safety Overload Protection
• Acetone Resistant Finish
• Smart Charge Base for easy charge
• Compact Light Weight for easy to carry
• Auto Switching 110/220V Volts
• AU Plug

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Weight 1.5 kg