Acryl Gel Cover Blush (11) 60gr


Acryl Gel system is a hybrid technology acrylic+hard gel base system that is created for easy applications of natural nail overlays, nail repairs, sculpted nail extensions, tip and overlays, as well as applications using specific to this system Dual Tips.  Acryl Gel is flexible, yet a hard wear system.  Blending solution and Nailco Polygel brush are required to assist application of perfectly smooth and even overlay. Great system for beginners. Can be used with Nailco Base Coat Gel.




  • Thick viscosity
  • Pinchable
  • Non lifting
  • Does not run into cuticles
  • Easy to apply, file and remove
  • Applied using damp Polygel brush saturated with Blending Solution
  • Colours available: clear, white, cover pink, sheer nude
  • Curing times: clear – 60sec LED, 2min UV
  • Curing times: White & Cover Colours – 90sec LED, 3min UV
  • Tube size – 60ml

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Weight .3 kg