Progel – polymer gel Nude Blush 60ml



Progel system is created for faster and easer application of nail overlays and medium length nail enhancements. This system is absolutely weightless to wear and non burning to cure during application. Flexes with a movement of a natural nail, therefore it is kind and soft to nails. Easy to file with a very soft file. Applications is possible via use of forms or dual tips. Blending solution is required to assist application of perfectly smooth and even overlay. Colour Nude Blush.



  • Thick viscosity
  • High plasticity
  • No base gel needed
  • Non lifting
  • Does not run into cuticles
  • Easy to apply, file and remove
  • No heat sensation during curing process
  • Applied using damp brush saturated with Blending Solution
  • Colours available: clear, white, nude mood, nude blush
  • Curing times: clear – 60sec LED, 2min UV
  • Curing times: White & Cover Colours – 90sec LED, 3min UV
  • Tube size – 60ml


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