Gelolac Collection Soft Pastels 6pcs


Save 20% by buying collection of 6 most fashionable Pastel colours of Gelolac. Gelolac is a soak off Gel Polish with perfect coverage, easy application and good durability. Easy soak off and file off formula allows recolouring process to go faster. Gelolac colours possess outstanding pigmentation, bright and vibrant colours that can be used on natural nails and nail enhancements.
Harsh chemical free Gelolac colours will keep natural nails in good and healthy condition.



• Perfect coverage
• Streak free
• Long lasting
• Great adhesion
• Fast removals
• Easy application
• Outstanding pigmentation
• Non chipping
• Non peeling
• Non staining
• Save 20%
• Collection 6pcs x15ml bottles

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Weight .500 kg