Gel polish art with basic nail art techniques currently is the most popular salon service. It will allow you to expand your service menu as well as increase your profit margins. This course is ideal for gel polish users and designed to teach how to incorporate various nail art techniques together with GelOlac gel polish applications over the natural nails or nail enhancements.

Course will cover incorporation of designs over and with GelOlac colours using glitters, flakes, pigments. It will cover marbling and ombre techniques, as well as take you through funky striping tape pattern applications and water based/self adhesive transfers. It will also teach you how to combine matte and shiny surfaces into a stunning design. This course content is fully compliant with Certificate III Nail Technology Unit SHBBNLS004 Apply Nail Art.


Course duration is one day and it will cover topics like:


Tools and equipment including Nailco brand Product Knowledge

Hand Painting Techniques

Marbling Techniques

Ombre Techniques

Sugaring Techniques

Foiling Designs

Striping Tape Designs

Transfer/Decals  Applications

Glitter Applications

Pigment Applications

Matte Designs

Flake Applications